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<q>A slightly different version was used in the original book of the same name, ostensibly by S. Morgenstern but really by William Goldman:

"He'll never catch up!" the Sicilian cried.  "Inconceivable!"

"You keep using that word!"  the Spaniard snapped.  "I don't think it
means what you think it does."

As in "a barren woman is inconceivable, impregnable, and unbearable"?

As for "bird" meaning "penis", I heard a dirty joke based on that meaning at a job I worked in 1967.  A little boy walking on the beach sees a man whose penis is sticking out of his swimming trunks.

"What’s that?" the little boy asks.

"That’s my bird, " the man replies…

If "pajaro" [literally "bird"] is used to mean "penis" in Spanish, then there is an unfortunately double-entendre, since "Las Man~anitas", the common Spanish birthday song, has the line "All the little birds are singing"

About Obama’s “unscheduled” visit to Iraq, I think a man named Sandip (who is under the delusion that he knows enough English to do crossword puzzles) had the best comment.  During a test run he typed into the computer "FZ AF1/007 F18/L …" which is controller talk for "the President is flying in an F-18 fighter and his flight has the computer identification number 007".  As the test log stated, "Sandip has to keep himself amused".

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