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At thefreedictionary.com I hear “portmanteau” spoken three ways.  Click on the icons and hear spoken

USA  ~portmintoe     POR’-min-toe     (glottalized  “t” on PORT)
UK  ~portmmantue       port-MAN-two     (good “t” on port)
Speaker icon  ~portmmentoe    port-MEN-toe      (good “t”  on port)
m-w.com says  portmmantue   por’-MAN-tue

>From  http://www.answers.com/topic/portmanteau-new-word

portmanteau word,
a word concocted by fusing two different words together into one: a common example is brunch, from ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’.

This reminds me of the portmanteau word we made up called “dunch”  a mean between dinner and lunch.

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