relish in and plummaging, possible eggcorns?

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Sat Apr 11 14:20:46 UTC 2009

relish in

Erick Erickson, in a Redstate blog I linked to from Andrew Sullivan’s
blogsite, writes, “Soon Levi will sell his tell all book, delightfully
ignoring awkward questions about his relationship with his sister
while relishing in the awkward details of his relationship with Sarah
Palin.” I googled “relishing in” and got 85k hits, many of them having
the same meaning, “reveling in.” The OED, AHD, and MW do not show
anything like “relish in.” This looks like a blend of “relish” and the
perhaps less familiar “revel in,” both meaning “enjoy.”


Last night Inside Edition showed a home security camera clip of four
burglars robbing a house.  The homeowner just happened to connect to
the camera from work, called 911, and told the dispatcher, "He's
plummaging through the house!"   Plummaging gets 588 googits,
including plummage and plummaged.  Several are misspellings of
"plumage," but a fair number use it as the homeowner did, perhaps as a
blend of "plunder" and "rummage."

Neither shows up in a search of the Eggcorn Forum.


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