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Although I cannot cite any specific instances at the moment, it is an
expression that occurs with some frequency in blues songs, so there is
at least some occurrence in ABE, although I cannot say, with any
certainty, which region. At the moment, I can only think of John Lee
Hooker. If I were transcribing the materials, I probably would have
written "Lookee here!" which is what most lyrics transcriptions have.

The expression also appears in a Dwight Yoakam song

Oddly enough, even the Wiggles (that would be an Australian group that
aims at young children) have a song with "Lookee" being its central
element (Lookin' for Jeff).


Paul Johnston wrote:
> I have a related query. Is "looky here" really "look ye here", "looky
> here" (with preserved Class 2 Weak verb ending, whether original or
> restructured as an intransitive marker) or something else?  It could
> have crossed the Pool with nearly anyone, if the first, Southwestern
> Englishmen, if the second, but I don't know what its American
> geographical distribution was.  Knowing that might help, as certain
> areas attracted more Southwesterners than others.

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