relish in and plummaging, possible eggcorns?

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Mon Apr 13 12:47:40 UTC 2009

Just so I can be clear on blend vs. malapropism vs. eggcorn . . .

I've seen "come into place" for "come into play". It was used twice
by the same speaker in the same context.

Does this qualify as that "meaningful reanalysis" (that I thought)
was the definition of an eggcorn?

Or is it possibly something else? I can't think of another phrase
that it would be blending with, but I might just be lacking in

---Amy West

>i was assuming (on the basis of the number of examples) that "relish
>in" and "plummaging" were classical malapropisms (of blendish origin),
>though they could of course have been inadvertent blends.  or some of

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