"pebbledash" -- WOTY?

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On 19 Apr 2009, at 10:57, Michael Quinion wrote:

> "Pebbledash" is the standard term in southern British English for the
> external wall covering that you make by spreading mortar on the wall
> and
> then throwing lots of small pebbles at it. The Scots call it harling.

The term seems to appear about 5-10 times a year in the Guardian.
Here's an interesting 2001 article with information about its
connotations in the political space: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2001/jan/31/uk.conservatives1

The Pebbledash people came to their mock Tudor doors yesterday and
warned that Conservative election canvassers were going to face a
pretty gruelling time.

The latest Tory strategy for electoral success involves targeting
middle income families in around 180 key marginal seats, typically
living in pebbledashed three bedroom semi-detached houses.

"Pebbledash person" is the latest personification of a group of voters
both main parties have seen as crucial to election success. Previous
models included Mondeo man and Worcester woman, courted by Labour at
the last election.
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