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Changing English spelling, and probably most would agree would be nice if more phonetically consistent, appears to be virtually impossible.  Theodore Roosevelt together with Andrew Carnegie couldn't change the spelling of 12 words.

One very influencial linguist in UK, John Wells, supports a movement to simplify English spelling phonetically.  I wish him good luck.  He is president of the Spelling Society.

My focus is on development of a simple English based phonetic notation called truespel.  It's been very useful in analyzing the sounds of English in my books because it's spreadsheet friendly.  It fills the big gap because it's simple enough for kids and adult education, but not as unfriendly as IPA or SAMPA.  Even the VOA doesn't use IPA or SAMPA.  They use NO-name-spell, which is a workaround the lack of a simple English based phonetic notation.

Below the lack of a reasonable English based phonetic notation is flagged at this site

"Phonetics Spelling Dictionary
A phonetic spelling dictionary is something that anyone can make to aid them in learning how to say the words they want to use. Anyone who's tried to learn a language knows that the way the language is spoken is, more often than not, extremely different from the way it looks on a page. One way to get around this is by creating phonetic spellings of every new word you learn. There aren't any hard-core rules when it comes to phonetic spellings of English words, but there are easy shortcuts and agreed upon conventions that can be put to use."

Truespel creates such a standard.  In truespel book one, 13 languages are investigated and recommendations made for spelling the 40 sounds of English and sounds not prevalent in Engish.  This is a necessary thing for English native speakers and language learners and .

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> The N-Y Daily Globe of May 17, 1847, (p. 2, col. 6) had a brief note welcoming "THE ANGLO SACSUN", a magazine that wanted to "improve the orthography of our language", which the Globe thought sadly needed improving, but that it was "problematical" whether THE ANGLO SACSUN would succeed.
> The Globe's misgivings were well-founded, and I'm afraid that Tom Z should temper his hopes by this example.
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