"gohr" not in English dictionaries?

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Mon Apr 20 18:07:27 UTC 2009

Does "gohr" need to be in English dictionaries?

 From (via Google Books, full view):
Expedition to Discover the Sources of the White Nile, in the Years
1840, 1841: From the German by C.W. O'Reilly
By Ferdinand Werne, Charles William O'Reilly
Translated by Charles William O'Reilly
Published by R. Bentley, 1849
Item notes: v. 1

Many instances, including:

Page 12:  "When they require water for themselves and their cattle,
they make in the bed of the Gohr a hole, not very deep, in the sand"

Page 59:  "At Gohr et Gash, I had jumped on a dromedary without first
embracing him"

Page 262:  "... a small, but strongly-flowing river, or an arm of the
Nile ; in the latter signification it is called, without any further
ceremony, a gohr."

Page 272:  "We soon come to a gohr, or canal, apparently feeding the
little lake."


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