"helter-skelterism" 1890 (not in OED)

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'We may strike an average from the wildest
helter-skelterism, and this average may be
reasonably steady if long enough followed; but an
average is not a law;---it is the proof of the absence of a law."

Justin Winsor, "The Perils of Historical
Narrative", _The Atlantic Monthly_, Vol. 66, No.
395 (Sept. 1890), p. 295, col. 1.

Google yields "about 85" hits, for which the first is:

White House Press Secretary Britney Spears
explains ‘Helter Skelterism’ policy · without
comments ... We’re calling this new policy ‘Helter Skelterism.’” ...
["The authors have deleted this blog."]

Google Books yields "about 16" (or perhaps 11)
hits, from 1890 (Winsor) and then 1921 to 2008.

(It also lists

Vignaud Pamphlets: History
Published 1906
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Dec 1, 2008

but "Sorry, this page's content is restricted
"  Worldcat tells me this contains a reprinting of Winsor's essay.)


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