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Wed Apr 22 19:03:38 UTC 2009

Unique? How is this any different from ANY similar appositive noun that
indicates the way in which the killer hooked up with his victims? Would we
think "Classified Ads Killer" "unique"? "Sleezy Pick-Up Bar Killer"? "Chat Room
Killer"? For that matter, "Toilet Stall Graffiti Killer"? Sooner or later
there will be a Starbucks Killer, I trow.

In a message dated 4/21/09 8:43:12 PM, slafaive at GMAIL.COM writes:

> I heard this phrase used today to describe Philip Markoff, accused of
> killing a woman in Boston, and I'd thought it was unique, like the Boston
> Strangler or the Green River Killer. But it turns out it was used
> for Michael Anderson, killer from Minnesota, as well. I guess I find it
> somewhat strange that the media would overlap names like that since it
> takes
> away from the marketability of the story.
> Scot
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