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I have a 1992 edition of "Webster's Family Encyclopedia".  It's a 6x9 paperback done in 12 volumes, each 3/4 inch thick.  It was originally published in 1981 by Lawrence Urdang Associates Ltd. of Aylesbury (which is in UK).  Republished in 1992 by Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc.

A disclaimer reads "This book is not published by the original publishers of Webster's Dictionary or by their successors."  So what makes this a Websters?  Apparently the spelling.  Although published in UK, it's written in Webster's spelling, not UK spelling.  So the spelling has "program" instead of "programme" and "color" instead of "colour", etc.

So any dictionary or encyclopedia or web page can be a "Webster's" if done in Websterspel, which is typical USA spelling.

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