Some TV dialect trends

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 1 02:31:55 UTC 2009

Dialect observations of 2008 for USA accent as spoken by TV media professionals.

The sound “awe” ~au in words is increasingly being replaced by the sound “ah” ~aa.  These phoneme could be eliminated from USA English if the trend continues.

The letter “s” denoting plurals is increasingly being spelnountsd as “s” instead of “z”.

The “tion” ending is mostly pronounced ~shin or ~shoon (short oo) instead of ~shun.

The “e” in words starting with “ex” is mostly pronounced ~ex instead of ~ix.

The word “we’ll” is often pronounced “will” ~wil instead of ~weel.

The word “will” is often pronounced “wool” ~wool., and “children” ~chooldrin.

The word “cloudy” ~kloudee is sometimes spoken as “cloddy” ~klaadee.

The replacement of “for” ~for by “fur” ~fer is still pretty typical.

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