"work construction" 'do construction work'

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at BYU.EDU
Sat Jan 3 15:41:06 UTC 2009

I've collected almost 70 examples from COCA for the 'work lumberman' construction, with the results at:


To generate this list, just enter the following query at the website (just copy and paste):

   worked.[v*] [davies:occupations_1]

To get more results (about 200 or so, but a bit more garbage as well), try:

   [work].[v*] [davies:occupations_1]

BTW, in looking at these, I would agree that most of these do relate to "undesirable / hard" jobs. I think a possible diachronic trajectory might be:

work + stone / leather / wood (hard manual labor)
work + harbors / construction/ lumbermen / prostitution, suicide, gangs (police beat)

Mark D.

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