Top 10 Language Stories of 2008

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I completely agree and the reason we should not ban the speaking of a
particular language in school or anywhere.  Doing so limits
communicative flexibility (finding the right word or phrase) and the
spread of cultural knowledge.

David Metevia
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> And is one a hateful namecaller to say someone is a hateful namecaller
> they call someone a hateful namecaller?

According to that logic, yes, but if you'll look at what I wrote (a
question), that's not what I did.

> There are over 6,900 languages I am told.  They'll only be preserved
> they are used.  If they're not used, just close the book and put it
and the
> audio media on the shelf.

I'm not one to cry over dead languages, despite my researching a dying
but I am one to cry over oppression, and that's the reason many
die.  Language is the deepest part of any culture, and when cultures
the world loses much of its richness.  When a language dies, we lose
into those cultures.  Language death for any reason is par for the
course in
our civilization, but it's not usually a good thing, or even often a
thing, because it's not only the language that dies.

Randy Alexander
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