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Below is a book announcement that may be of interest to ads-l members.  Incidentally, I have no financial connection to that book.

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Dear JL list,
Judith Rosenhouse and Rotem Kowner have edited a volume that might be of


Motives for Adopting English Vocabulary in Other Languages
Edited by Judith Rosenhouse (Technion I.I.T) and
Rotem Kowner (University of Haifa)

Key Features
* explores motives for lexical borrowing from English in 12 different
* examines whether this English lexical 'invasion' is an inevitable process

The volume examines the motives for lexical borrowing from English
during the last century, the processes
involved in the penetration of English vocabulary into new environments,
and the extent of its integration into
twelve languages representing several language families. Many of these
absorbing languages are studied here
for the first time.

1. The Hegemony of English and Determinants of Borrowing from Its Vocabulary
2. Icelandic: Phono-Semantic Matching
3. French: Tradition vs. Innovation as Reflected in English Borrowings
4. Dutch: Is It Threatened by English?
5. Hungarian: Trends and Determinants of English Borrowing in a Market
Economy Newcomer
6. Russian: From Social Realism to Reality Show
7. Hebrew: Borrowing Ideology and Pragmatic Aspects in a Modern(ized)
8. Colloquial Arabic (in Israel): The Case of English Loanwords in a
Minority Language with Diglossia
9. Amharic: Political and Social Effects on English Loanwords
10. Farsi: The Process of Modernization and the Advent of English
11. Indian Languages: Hidden English in Texts and Society
12. Chinese in Taiwan: Cooking a Linguistic Chop Suey and Embracing English
13. Japanese: The Dialectic Relationships between "Westerness" and
"Japaneseness"as Reflected in English
14. Conclusion: Features of Borrowing from English in Twelve Languages

For almost a decade, Prof. Judith Rosenhouse and Prof. Rotem Kowner have
led a multi-member research project
on the motives for borrowing foreign lexicon, culminating with the
publication of this book. Rosenhouse is a
noted Israeli linguist specialized in Arabic and Hebrew, who recently
retired from the Technion, Israel Institute
of Technology and has joined Swantech Ltd. Kowner is an Israeli
Japanologist who focuses on Japanese attitudes
and response to foreign culture, the West in particular, in modern
times. Currently he serves as the chair of the
Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Haifa.

Multilingual Matters 210 x 148 (A5) 22/05/2008 344pp
Hbk ISBN-13 9781847690517 £49.95 / US$99.95 / CAN$99.95
Ebook ISBN-13 9781847690524 £49.95 / US$99.95 / CAN$99.95
Subject (BIC): CFB Sociolinguistics Level: Postgraduate, Research /
Professional, Undergraduate


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