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paul johnson
When I got married back in the 50's a friend brought us 3 liters of 198
proof alcohol from the chem lab.  No matter how much fruit juice we cut
it with, we stacked up people like cord wood at the reception. There
were tales of liquid oxygen for ice cubes and having all the water in a
shot of scotch or bourbon adhering to the Oxy, leaving you with pure
booze.  Never quite figured how you could drink anything that cold.

Dave Hause wrote:
> A medical laboratory can be a critical help in this:  I used to make
> daquiris starting from chipped ice, pre-cooled in the -70 C freezer, rum
> from the kitchen freezer, simple syrup & lime juice normally refrigerated.
> About like syrup and two was a pretty heavy load.
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> That reminds me of the potent drink called "rocket fuel" I've seen
> served (in very small cups) at some science-fiction conventions. I
> don't remember the ingredients, but it's chilled with dry ice or
> liquid nitrogen!
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