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Title: A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries (Vol I)
Subtitle: Volume I: 1567-1784
Published: 2008
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Julie Coleman
Paperback: ISBN: 0199557098 9780199557097 Pages: 272 Price: U.S. $ 45.95


Now in paperback!

This is the first volume in a complete history of the documentation of
English cant and slang from 1567 to the present. It gives unparalleled
insights into the early history of slang, the people who used it, and how
and why it was recorded. It also provides unusual and unexpected insights
into the underworlds of early modern England.

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Written In: English (eng )

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