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Arnold Zwicky <zwicky at STANFORD.EDU> wrote:

meanwhile Amy West has reported another "paste" oddity, namely "copy
and paste" treated as a unit and inflected only on the second verb:

   ok partly copy and pasted from something I wrote earlier today.

   I copy and pasted my novel from scrivener then from having exported
scrivener but no thing has happened.

How about "ice beer" (used by Judge Roy Bean, among others), "julienne chicken", "whip cream", and "cream chip beef"?  One might even consider "ice cream" for this category.

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 13:38:12 Zulu minus 0800 Dave Wilton <dave at WILTON.NET> wrote under the subject: Re: English First - Nashville:

The Wikipedia article says the 79 million in Nigeria are the figures for
those that speak Nigerian Pidgin, an English-based creole, as a first or
second language--not just as a first language. Of these, 3-5 million are
native speakers of Nigerian Pidgin. The article that is cited as the source
for the 79 million figure

and I thought "pidgin" and "creole" were mutually exclusive, but by these figures Nigerian "Pidgin" is definitely a creole.

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