Early attrib. of "War is hell" to Sherman

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1882 _The News and Observer-_, (Raleigh, NC) November 25, 1882 p 2 col
2. [Gale 19th Cent Newspapers]
"If one contemplates the just conclusions from these sad statistics, he
will be prepared to endorse the vigorous saying of General Sherman, more
condensed and expressive than the French proverb, that 'war is hell.'"

> Fred and others know that no reliable documentation exists of
> a specific occasion when General Sherman (1820-91) may have
> said, "War is Hell."
> Here is a very early attribution, though it still falls short
> of proof:
> 1883 _The Decatur [Ill.] Morning Review_ (Nov. 7) 1/2
> [NewspaperArchive.com]: General Sherman said the other day,
> "War has been the business of my life, and war is hell." That
> is what his brother John is beginning to say in
> politics._Macomb Eagle_.

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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