bounty = "splendid abundance"

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Isn't this 4.a., "gracious liberality, munificence"?  E.g., "1750
JOHNSON Rambl. No. 17 {page}4 Every other satisfaction which the
bounty of Providence has scattered over life." or "1856 FROUDE Hist.
Eng. (1858) I. iv. 302 Many of these people..were dependent on his
bounty."?  Or 5.b. "a boon, gift"?


At 1/15/2009 05:59 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Not in OED:
>2008 _The Top 10 Intelligent Designs_ [
>]: With
>its bounty of brawny, barrel-chested gods and buxom goddesses, the ancient
>Norse religion of the Scandinavian and Germanic countries is truly the
>creation myth for fans of both pro wrestling and heavy metal music.
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