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"There's an old saying," said a middle-aged chap on Fox News yesterday. "You
can always tell the scout with the wagon train: he's the one with all the
arrows in his back."

1987  Douglass Adair, John Allphin Moore, Jr. & John E. Murphy  _A Grand
Experiment: The Constitution at 200_ (Wilmington, Del. Scholarly Resources,
Inc.) 52: Someone once said that the pioneers take the arrows.

1989 Karl Sabbagh _Skyscraper_ (London: Macmillan) 258: To use one of
Nusbaum's favorite maixms: "Pioneers take the arrows."

1998 Gerald E. Poesnecker, N.D., D.C. _Chronic Fatigue Unmasked_ []: As my interest in and
treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) reaches its forty-second year it
seems that my reputation among my fellow practitioners is changing from that
of quack and charlatan to that of  pioneer. Of course when I mention this to
a patient, I alway add, "You know how to tell a pioneer, don't you? He's the
one with all the arrows in his back."

2000 Daniel Durchholz _St. Louis Music_ (Nov. 29) There's an old
saying: Pioneers take the arrows, settlers get the land.

2001 _Spine_ XXVI (Nov. 1) 2303: He quipped that "You can always tell a
pioneer. He's the one with all the arrows in his back."

2007 _ZDNet_ (Sept. 5) []: Pioneers take
the arrows....It reminds me of an old saying "The pioneers take the arrows,
the settlers take the land."


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