Is That an Emoticon in 1862? in NYT

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Doesn't the "ProQuest team" care that the so-called "emoticons" cited from
the humor magazine _Puck_ didn't even appear till nearly *twenty years
later* and were not reportage; they were a joke.  (As the glib statement
that the "semicolon has long been jettisoned as an anachronism" clearly is
not.)  If we're lucky, the whole boondoggle is just a subliminal ad for
Proquest, God bless 'em.

Nobody in their right mind in 1862 would have interpreted a semicolon as an
emoticon. How could they?

If the PQ team had consulted me, little of my reply would have been as
restrained as Fred's.  In fact, none of it.


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> Our own Fred Shapiro is quoted in this article about whether a
> semicolon next to a close parenthesis in 1862 is an emoticon or a
> mistake.
> > In the transcription of President Lincoln's speech, which added
> > comments about applause and shouts from the audience was this line:
> >
> > "...there is no precedent for your being here yourselves, (applause
> > and laughter ;) and I offer, in justification of myself and you,
> > that I have found nothing in the Constitution against."
> >
> > Bryan Benilous, who works with historical newspapers at Proquest,
> > said the team felt the ";)" after the word "laughter" was an
> > emoticon, more than a century before emoticons became a widespread
> > concept.
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