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Not in OED in the sense "self-consciously or foolishly heroic action;
(_hence_) heroism."

1942 in Albert Wertheim _Staging the War_ (Bloomington: U. of Indiana Press)
65: What an inferior bunch of cattle you really are with your moving picture
idea of heroics and stiff upper lip.  1943 Allan Kenward & Paul Osborn _Cry
Havoc_ (film): Cut the heroics, Conlin.  2009  *James Swett, 88; Awarded
USMC* [sic]* Medal of Honor* (Usenet: alt.obituaries) (Jan. 22):  In 2006,
Swett's Medal of Honor heroics were recreated using computer graphics for
The History Channel series, "Dogfights."

Nowadays I think this word is at least as common as "heroism."  Just when
its connotations became neutral or positive I can't say.


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