Heard on The Judges: "bartend(e)ress"

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At 5:15 PM +0000 1/25/09, ronbutters at aol.com wrote:
>I agree with Larry that "barmaid" and "bartender" have different
>meanings. But why not just "bartender"? The -ess morpheme is still
>(unfortunately) conventional in "actress" but not needed elsewhere.

And there's still time to nip it in the bud here.  Google scores for

"She's a bartender"   1350
"She's a bartendress"      3


(Even the -ess of "actress" is falling into disrepute in some
quarters because of its markedness, as we've discussed here in the
past and as will likely be on at least some display at the Oscars.)

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>Spoken by Judge Joe Brown:
>"Oh. She was the_bartend(e)ress_ at a bikini bar."
>There are a lot of us more-mature men who are unable to get ready for
>the replacement of "barmaid" by "bartender" and who are, therefore,
>unconsciously forced to try to do something about it.
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