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Maybe. On the other hand, there must have been a time not too long ago--and
perhaps this still is the case for many (older?) speakers--when "Actors'
Equity" would be seen as a sexist erasure of women (cf. "mankind", as well as all of
the resistance to using "guy" to refer to female humans), many of whom would
have felt that it should properly be "Actor's and Actresses' Equity."

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...   the fact that in the
> U.S. too it's "Actors' Equity" ("the labor union representing actors
> and stage managers...") and "Actors' Playhouse" and "Screen Actors
> Guild" and so on, in each case including female as well as male
> clients and performers without mentioning actresses directly, that
> helps convince many women who act, whether or not they call
> themselves actors or actresses, that it's not simply a matter of
> ACTOR [+male]/ACTRESS [+female].
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