Pranging -A proposed term.

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Pranging-A Proposed Term
To prange.  V  Describes the phenomenon of spending one’s life on studies, yet, being never satisfied that the last t is crossed never publishes the work. Either that, or keeps getting distracted on other projects. 
I read of a professor, who began many projects and never finished any. His method, was, upon reaching an impasse, was to spread large sheets of butcher paper over the top of the previous material, after leveling the heap, and beginning a new one. Supposedly he did this until he couldn’t set up on a stool and work, so he then began on a new table.
The proposed term is derived from the famous historian and master teacher who spent many years at the University of Md, College Park. After his death his comrades prepared several books on the Pearl Harbor attack based on many interviews with Japanese naval commanders and aviators. Another was the history of the Sorge spy ring.
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