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The OED defines: "mau-mau, v. colloq. (chiefly N. Amer.). ... [< MAU MAU n.
1.] ...    trans. To use menacing or intimidating tactics against; to
intimidate, harass; to terrorize."

The first cite is from Wolfe (1970), and *all the citations are (as far as I
can see) American.

Are there any examples of this term being used by a Brit?  I suspect there'd
be very few.  I also suspect that the OED definition was constructed by a
Brit, and that an American version would give a different spin to the word.



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> Such a big deal that I have an apparently totally-false impression
> that Wolfe used the term in print in the 'Sixties. Yet, I have found
> no evidence in any source in support of this impression. Just shows to
> go you that memory sometimes lies.
> -Wilson

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