"You got a mouse (etc.) in your pocket?"

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At 4:58 PM -0400 10/8/09, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>Yeah, Conkling was an interesting character, but he was one of the
>major villains of American history.  He had a lot of personal
>defects, with his big negative contribution being to perjure himself
>in order to clinch the acceptance by the Supreme Court of the phony
>theory that the 14th amendment was intended not so much to protect
>the rights of African-Americans as to protect the rights of

I guess he had to make that argument, since Fox News wasn't around to
make it first.


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>>>  And was it really Mark Twain who came up with the version that
>>>  permits kings, editors, and those with tapeworms to use the first
>>>  person plural?  Or is that a case of generalized attribution?  (Sorry,
>>>  Fred, I don't have a YBOQ handy.)
>>  I'm also away from my YB(o)Q, but the earliest cites I can find
>>are attributed
>>  to New York Senator Roscoe Conkling:
>Apropos of nothing, I was just reading the NYS Legislature's memorial
>volume on Conkling, full of men expounding at length about how they
>would not expound at length. (The sort of book one finds in my house.)
>>>From the quote, I can see why they missed him.
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