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1) "than the conspiracy theory of Charles Reade" below, may refer to that
author's book [Very] Hard Cash, 1863.

2) FWIW, "theory of Conspiracy," so far, appears older, e.g. 1838 in Google B.
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Report of the trial of Thomas Hunter, Peter Hacket, Richard M'Neil, James ...?
- Page 289-90
Archibald Swinton - Edinburgh, 1838
... the prosecutor is driven to infer the guilt of the prisoners from a theory
of Conspiracy which he has chosen to set up, a supposed hidden connection
between them, and a supposed hidden hidden power, which no person ever
saw, and
which no person dared to name....


Quoting Stephen Goranson <goranson at duke.edu>:

> OK, earlier. Google snippet says the following is v. 16 1871, bu it's really
> April, 1870
> The Medico-Psychological Association: The Report of a Quarterly
> Meeting of the
> Medico-Psychological Association, held in London, at the Royal
> Medico-Chirurgical Society, by permission of the President and
> Council, on the
> 27th January, 1870
> Journal of Mental Science, Apr 1870; 16: 134 - 142. p. 141
> Psychological News
> He [the President] had read with great regret and indignation an
> article in the
> _Lancet_ of this week on the "Treatment of Lunatics," written, he should
> imagine, by some rejected candidate for the superintendentship of one of the
> county asylums....
> The theory of Dr. Sankey as to the manner in which these injuries to
> the chest
> occurred in asylums deserved our careful attention. It was at least more
> plausible that the conspiracy theory of Mr. Charles Reade, and the
> precautionary measure suggested by Dr. Sankey of using a padded waistcoat in
> recent cases of mania with general paralysis--in which mental
> condition nearly
> all these cases under discussion were--seemed to him of practical value.
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