"drunk riding"

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Well, let's see: You could be drunk while driving a nail (ouch), drunk while
driving someone crazy, drunk while driving someone to drink (!), drunk while
driving a hard bargain, drunk while driving in a run, drunk while driving on
the tee. And a bunch of others too, I dare say.

We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there

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When in doubt, check the legal standards ;-)

There is DUI and DWI, but I have also seen OUI--operating [a motor
vehicle] under [the] influence [of] [--fill the blank--]

Coast Guard has no problem stopping people for drunk boating--and it's
not just the people at the helm. The same goes for some police
departments that have their own boat patrol and access to a substantial
body of fresh water. I've seen reports of OUI on the water, but I
wouldn't be able to tell what the general trend is.


Laurence Horn wrote:
> What about driving cattle drunk?  And on the other hand, is there
> drunk piloting (for those at the wobbly helm of a motorboat)?

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