bogus = "illegal'

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 2 18:39:32 UTC 2009

Damn, mein! Dass bogus!

Not your reaction to this reinterpretation of a fine old word, Jon,
with which I am in full agreement. That's language-change for you, to
paraphrase Lewis Carroll.

It's that, sometimes, we colored just have to clown. Like, I crack
myself up and annoy my wife. That's what makes us such great comic
relief, despite intense Jewish competition - remember the (deli
proprietor?), Mr. Kropotkin, on the Jack Benny [dS&g bInI] show:
"Hoo-hoo-hoooo! MEEstair BEHnee!" Gave Rochester a run for his money!
It's probably a genetic thing. You wouldn't understand. But maybe you
would. One never knows, do one? ;-)

BTW, did you know that Rochester had a son who was baller? Played pro
ball in the NFL, back in the day. Can't recall for which team.


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> CNN reports that to ten per cent of kidney transplants worldwide are
> "bogus."
> Turns out that means that the recipients got real kidneys, but the kidneys
> were obtained on the black market.
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