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If there is pervasive use of "Truther", why not its logical derivative
"trutherism". "Truther" has already spawned "Birther"--and those who
first adopted its use were initially very explicit that they were
modeling the term after "Truther" (in part because there was a
significant overlap in both membership and rhetoric). There are 56000+
raw ghits for "Trutherism", including National Review, Little Green
Footballs, Politico, RightWingNews,  IsraelForum, Free Republic. Two
weeks ago, in a comment on Bob Novak's obits, Debbie Schlussel (whose
mental state we should not discuss here) referred to Novak as "the
Father of Trutherism". Although many conservative blog and publication
"Trutherism" references are just derivatives of the Politico piece (and
its intellectual ancestors), that only accounts for a few dozen hits.
Many others refer to "Trig Trutherism"--labeling the conspiracy
theorists who brood about the "real" mother of Sarah Palin's youngest
child. And there are many others.

I guess, that means you missed it.


James A. Landau <JJJRLandau at> wrote:
> Is this is a nonce word, something new, or something that's been around a while but I haven't seen?
> >From Ben Smith at
> Trutherism-lite, and a second Jones tie
> ...
> Call it a Truther-lite statement.

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