tout = "to boast (about)"

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Merriam-Webster on line gives as the fourth meaning of "tout"

 to make much of : promote, talk up <touted as the summer's
blockbuster movie> <the college's much touted women's studies program>

OED has

  b. trans.    (a) To importune (a person) in a touting manner;    (b)
to solicit custom for (a thing), to try to sell; also (U.S.) in
extended sense, to recommend.

with the example

1978 Detroit Free Press 2 Apr. 6E/1 Any team that touts Jerry
Augustine as the ace of its staff is in serious trouble.


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> NPR  this evening:
> "Although Specter has been in the Senate since 1981 and can tout the
> endorsement of Obama and Gov. Ed Rendell, nearly half of Democrats are
> unconvinced."
> Proof?:
> The Googlits go back at least to 2007.
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