"burning their cakes"

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Mon Sep 7 20:45:07 UTC 2009

Yes, "with ease." Thanks much to everyone for the enlightenment: I
had never heard the Alfred minding the kitchen story. . . .

---Amy West

>Date:    Fri, 4 Sep 2009 21:43:28 -0400
>From:    Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>
>Subject: Re: "burning their cakes"
>At 4:39 PM -0400 9/4/09, Amy West wrote:
>>I'm scratching my head about a phrase I've come across: I think it's
>>a Britishism. . .
>>It was AElfred, Victorian school children were taught, who unified
>>the nation, saved the English from the invaders, and founded the
>>British Navy, while mixing with the common people with east
>I'm assuming this is actually intended to be "with ease" and not
>"with yeast"?  The latter would, however, fit better with the cakes.

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