New eggcorn?

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> McClatchy Newspapers reports today that "Pakistanis regard the U.S., =
> *formally* a close ally, a hostile power."=20
> I do not find this in the DB, which seems remarkable, as it seems
> like a =
> very common error. Did I not look far enough?
> Given the state of the profession today, I am not surprised to see
> this =
> transgression committed by the "journalisterati".  Thanks and credit
> to =
> Wilson G for the idea for this coinage.
> Bill Palmer
I'm still scratching my head over this.  "Common error"...?
"Formally"?   Or that Pakistanis regard the U.S. as a hostile power?
In the context, "formally" seems to me the mot juste.  We have
certainly stirred up a great deal of hostility among Pakistani
civilians by our drone attacks.

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