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> 1. _Playboy_ (January 1968).
> 2. _2001: A Space Odyssey_ (Stanley Kubrick and
> Arthur C. Clarke, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,
> April 1968).
> 3. A. C. Clarke, _The Promise of Space_ (Harper
> & Row, New York, 1968).>>
>         It isn't clear to me whether Clarke meant this to be the
> introduction of his Third Law.  I've seen 2001 (which I believe does not
> contain these words), but not The Promise of Space or the January 1968
> issue of Playboy.

The SF Citations site also references a 1972 transcription of a lecture given in May, 1967, which may be the ultimate source of the third law.

Google Books has "The Promise of Space" in snippet view; no searches I've run come up with anything resembling the third law. The article in Playboy was titled "When Earthman and Alien Meet", and does not appear to have been reprinted.

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