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At 3:20 PM -0400 9/11/09, Mark Mandel wrote:
>Is there a term for a euphemism that exists only in writing? This isn't like
>"urinate" for "piss", or for that matter "the F-word" for "'fuck'"; but
>neither is it a partial or total redaction like "f***" or "What the !%#@?"
>m a m

A bit more like the taboo avoidance (not exactly euphemism) in G-d...


>On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC <
>Bill.Mullins at us.army.mil> wrote:
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>>  Caveats: NONE
>>  Probably too late for the new edition of Jesse's "The F Word", but . . .
>>  I just read somewhere that "fvck" is a common euphemism for "fuck" at
>>  MIT, likely resulting from the Latinate spelling on the neoclassical
>>  buildings.
>>  Here are a couple of examples:
>The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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