"transliteration " = a derived form; "occlude" = to hide from sight or knowledge; obscure

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Mon Sep 14 01:14:08 UTC 2009

 Peter Ackroyd is the author of more than twenty substantive books, which
pretty much shows he's smarter than I am. However:

2002 Peter Ackroyd _Albion_ (rpt. N.Y.: Anchor Books, 2004) 115: Avalon...is
a transliteration of Attalon, apple trees, or Afalxon, apples; the apple
tree was also one of the sacred trees of England.

Same page:  "This is the first surviving reference to the occluded demise of
the ancient king."

OED revisions almost cover this kind of  "occluded," but there's nothing
"fig." about A's use.


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