a new breed of "retrosexual"

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Mon Sep 14 23:13:25 UTC 2009

At 9/14/2009 05:35 PM, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
>Wordspy defines "retrosexual" as "a man with an undeveloped aesthetic
>sense who spends as little time and money as possible on his
>appearance and lifestyle," with cites back to 2003:

Aha!  I've finally found my label.

>In this sense, "retrosexual" is in direct opposition to "metrosexual".
>But there's a new Facebook-oriented sense of the word getting passed
>around in the media -- appearing first in the Boston Phoenix and most
>recently in Time:
>Boston Phoenix, Jan. 22, 2009
>Retrosexuals are people who rewind their own lives, digging into their
>past to emerge with a current romantic partner.

Certainly not my label.  Been there, already done that.


>Time, Sep. 21, 2009
>"Facebook makes it easier for you to take that first step of finding
>someone again," explains Rainer Romero-Canyas, a psychology research
>scientist at Columbia University. "It has finally provided a way for
>people to reach out to someone without fear of rejection." The Boston
>Phoenix even coined a term, retrosexuals, for people who are taking
>the plunge into recycled love.

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