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It's a tense [i] in some dialects. Or maybe only in some idiolects. I fought
TZ's fight in Articulatory Phonetics 101 at Davis. The prof responded,
"Well, if that's the way *you* say it ..."

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> At 11:03 AM +0000 9/16/09, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
> >New teenage words from England (perhaps not only England)
> >
> >
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1213626/Teenglish-From-Frape-Neek-words-used-teenagers-baffle-adults.html
> >
> >When I say the word "teenglish" my tongue goes alveolar (top front),
> >but for English it's velar (top back).  Yet the vowel befor the "n"
> >is still long e, ~ee.  ~teenglish ~Eenglish.
> >
> >Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL7+
> >see truespel.com phonetic spelling
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> and for me "Teenglish" (the variety of English associated with teens)
> differs from "Tinglish" (the variety of English that makes you
> tingle) in and only in the quality of the vowel before the nasal,
> which is additional evidence that the vowel in the latter case (or in
> "English", or "Singlish" [Singaporean English]) is a lax [I], not a
> tense [i].  (Of course I might also render the former with an
> alveolar consonant if I wanted to stress the morphological structure
> of "teen" + "English".)
> LH
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