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Randy Alexander strangeguitars at GMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 18 02:30:11 UTC 2009

Being a fan of irony, and knowing that there are others on this list
who are big fans, I'd like to point out a little.

Here we have Ron writing a "comment such as 'Good one, Joe!'" as a way
of praising someone for writing a comment that is not of the "Good
one, Joe!" variety:

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 4:34 AM,  <ronbutters at aol.com> wrote:
> It is really wonderful to get a message through ADSL that is actually
> a serious bit of information and not just a lame joke, a childhood
> anecdote or a useless comment such as "Good one, Joe!". Thanks.

It gets better!  The "serious bit of information" was a response to
TZ's stumbling around about phonetics rules, and just two weeks ago
Ron complainingly wondered why anyone bothers to repsond to TZ's
stumbling at all:

> Why does anyone bother to respond to this sort of thing? The
> "rules" that TZ is stumbling around about have been discerned
> and explicated for about a century by linguists (who actually know
> something about phonology).


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