The Uniqueness of Man

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I'm just pointing you to a place where the argument is made, if you
want to see it. It's a chapter of a book: go find the book in your
library and read it, if you like. It's called research. If you don't
care to read it, fine, no skin off my back. But I'm not scanning it
or typing it in or even bothering to summarize it for you. I know
others take the opposite position from Pinker esp. re: the
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. (Steve Long laid into him over old Old Norse
Net when I mentioned him in relation to a discussion on color terms.)
You're free to go and see what he says or not. I was just mentioning
a source.

---Amy West

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>Subject: Re: The Uniqueness of Man
>Sorry,  I'm not going to try to find the argument you say Pinker
>makes.  Perhaps its there perhaps not.  If you have it, copy paste
>it here for us all to enjoy.
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