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"The term "Cougar" refers to an older, recently divorced (or just
plain old fashioned single), financially secure woman who is out
hunting for younger men to have brief, sexual relations with."


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> cougar = a woman who dates/sleeps with/marries a much younger man (or in the case of Ellen DeGeneres, a much younger woman).
> This term seems to be popular now (i.e. in the last couple of weeks)---Monday "Entertainment Tonight" ran a lengthy segment on Hollywood's 5 top cougars, complete with feline metaphors.  However I cannot recall ever having seen it before that.  Is it a new term or is it my usual disconnect from pop culture?
> OT:  seen in the grocery store: "Ex Virgin Olive Oil".  Must be those darn rapeseeds.
> OT:  heard this morning: "If you aren't Irish, then your mother has been playing around."
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