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> At 1:37 PM -0500 9/25/09, Barbara Need wrote:
>> Lynne,
>> I wonder how much this might be a reaction to the "g-dropping" in
>> participles (huntin', fishing', etc.). I have assumed that this was a
>> shibboleth in England based on its treatment in mysteries (there's at
>> least one Agatha Christie in which it is a clue!).
>> Barbara
> Dorothy Sayers's Lord Peter Wimsey affects this "g-dropping" in
> participles as an instance of reverse snobbery (as I understand it).
> LH
I think Wimsey's dropped g's are meant to reflect a general upper
class dialect: one that may be affected to show a kind of insouciance,
rather than reverse snobbery.
My ISP choked on this giving me time to read Paul Johnston's post
which sort of confirms my impression.

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