"there's" + <plural noun>

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But isn't _lot_ peculiar?

There is a lot of money to be made, playing the stock market.

There *is(?) / are a lot of bills still unpaid, as a consequence of
playing the stock market.

There's / There're a lot a bills.

A lot of people *was / were coming.

A lot of money was / *were lost.

Et talia.


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> At 3:53 PM -0700 9/26/09, Grant Barrett wrote:
>>>Here's an old 'thread':
>>Thanks. Good stuff. I can't make out who the author of this line is:
>>"T. Daniel Seely and I worked on this problem years ago." It seems
>>only to be quoted; the original message is not in the archive.
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> I don't recall who Seely's co-investigator was either.  One point
> that always struck me about this construction is that (for my
> intuitions/dialect) the contracted singular is fine but the plural
> obligatorily resurfaces in the tag:
> There's a lot of mistakes in that draft, {aren't there/*isn't there}.
> There's two men from Cleveland in the next room {aren't there/*isn't there}.
> (I know, there's always "ain't there", but I ain't goin there.)
> LH
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