"funny" language; was Re: No more "Christian name, sir?" in Kent, UK

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Good for Jerry Sadock, Barbara----as if *only* writings in English, French
or German (as it was insisted/imposed when I attended uni) were worthily
relevant to one's research!

We USAmericans, not *needing* others' natural resources for so many years
and being geographically sequestered from most nations, had locked ourselves
up here, only recently feeling the need to know other languages, histories
and cultures.  A wonderful irony is that those precious knowings have been
brought  to us continuously by our immigrants, a fact for which we are
reasonably famous in the world.

Jerry's marvelous assertion that English counts as a "funny
language" relates to the equally witty language-political "poster poem"
by Tom Leonard, a Glaswegian Scot, in his recent poetry book _Outside The









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> The UofC linguistics department has what was known as a "funny
> language requirement" aka, the non-Indo-European requirement. Except
> that I know of one fellow who managed to get Bengali to count, and
> Coptic or Middle Egyptian (I forget which), did not.
> This lead Jerry Sadock to observe during a paper that for this purpose
> (in the context of his paper) and this purpose only, English counts as
> a a funny language.
> Barbara
> On 29 Mar 2010, at 10:58 PM, Judy Prince wrote:
>> BTW, why was Chinese a "funny language requirement"?

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