OT: language origin and creationism

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Fri Apr 2 13:00:09 UTC 2010

>Since not one of 42 students was able
>to tell me what Focus on the Family was, I had them Google it, and we talked
>through looking at the website itself, and then looking at other sources to
>learn more.  I know academics are supposed to hate Wikipedia, but it's
>really their friend in this (we spend a fair amount of time on the strengths
>and weaknesses of Wikipedia, and how to use it well).  I stress that
>identifying an author's (or publisher's) agenda is really important to an
>evaluation of a source.

Thanks very much, Kari.

The use of the FSM and the TreeOctopus are all fabulous ideas. Yes,
I've pushed using Google to check out the creds of sources as well
and some students have. And they are also supposed to be evaluating
the sources as sources in the annotated bib, but not with a
particular rating system. Maybe I should be more specific.

---Amy West

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