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Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton2 at BTINTERNET.COM
Sat Apr 3 20:59:11 UTC 2010

> More people means higher probability of such hacks getting
> through. But it does not mean that there are proportionately more of
> them.
> VS-)

Fair point, Victor, though I do think the prevalence of (relatively)
sophisticated tailored spam is becoming commoner.  At the crudest, spam
addressed to and sent to the email address of the person receiving it.
(Though "To fred at whatshisface.com" in the subject line is pretty much a
clear marker of spam.)

Alongside the rise in the amount of more people, with more material, on the
Web, there's an increase in the sophistication of programs designed to
target them.

Equally true, there's little new under the sun -- the Nigerian Scam is
simply an electronic variant of the old Spanish Prisoner Con.


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