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Wasn't it once the case that the ordinary state into which one could
was "wroth"?


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> Aside from Alice Faber "waxing rhapsodic about Salisbury steak" back in
> July of 2001, the expression has not come up on this list, it seems.
> http://bit.ly/bGwHnj
> At the risk of falling for the recency fallacy that I have warned
> against, on occasion, I want to suggest that this usage is on the rise,
> and much of it without a hint of irony that it used to carry. (Although
> the one below does appear sarcastic.)
>  From Dan Kennedy (formerly of the Boston Phoenix):
>> At BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow waxes rhapsodic over the days when the
>> Apple II Plus came with schematics for the circuit boards, and quotes
>> something called the “Maker Manifesto” in writing, “Screws not glue.”
>> Doctorow’s point is that we should be able to rip our devices apart
>> and customize them the way we like. Needless to say, Doctorow is not
>> talking to too many people — just his fellow hackers.
> http://bit.ly/dw6Li7
> The earliest GB hits are from 1902 and 1915, with roughly 60 raw hits
> from the 1930s and 1940s. Compare that to 600 raw hits from 2005+.
> VS-)
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