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Were the sports teams also known as "Badgers"? That should have given you a clue. How many schools would have chosen a rodent for a mascot? (Of course, there are the Minnesota "Gophers"--opposed, perhaps, to the Mini Sewti "Go-fors").
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For an embarrassingly long time, I was under the impression that my
father had attended the University of_West Conson_, even after I had
come to know that there was a state named "Wisconsin." Sometimes, I'm
slow to make connections and corrections.


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> At 1:14 PM -0400 4/20/10, Herb Stahlke wrote:
>>One of my adult literacy learners today spelled that The Badger State
>>as "Westconsin."  I thought it was a possible eggcorn, and in her case
>>I think it was, but I got 175k raw ghits on it, most of which referred
>>to businesses in western Wisconsin where it seems to be a conscious
>>blend to name the region.
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> Also some hits (all self-conscious coinages, I suspect) for "Eastconsin".
> Of course people in and around the states typically destress the
> first syllable drastically and even resyllabify (w@ SKAN s at n), which
> would make any such reanalysis (to "Westconsin") all the more
> unlikely in situ.
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